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The Girl in Black

Posted in Uncategorized on December 9, 2011 by captainbedsheet

Nobody knows the girl in black
Huddled in corners, her spirits cracked
Fingernails painted like blood in the dark
Lipstick seen in a deathly hue
She makes no sound, she stares to the ground
The world just passes her by

Nobody cares for the girl in black
Her eyes start to well, as she loses track
Of all the times she’s been left behind
Of all the nights she’s spent alone
Her palms meet her eyes, so quiet she cries
But no one looks twice as they pass

Nobody likes the girl in black
Her world crumbles, under attack
Their fingers point like jagged daggers
Piercing the fragile defenses that shatter
Her arms fold across, as her will becomes lost
What else is there to break?

Nobody saw the girl in black
When she walked to the edge and never came back
When she couldn’t handle the pain anymore
When the marks on her arm devoured her skin
When she cried her last sorrowful song
When she whispered goodbye and nobody heard

Nobody thinks they can change the world
I sat in the shadows not saying a word
I watched as I saw things crumble and fall
If i could change anything I’ve done, looking back,
I would have saved the girl in black