The Walking Coma

Have you ever had a dream that took you to a new world? Made you its slave. Wrapped you in commodities and a warmth you could never recreate alone. Everything is a matter of perception.
Dreams can take a long time before you awake. If one were to slip into a coma, drifting in a dreamworld for so long they would lose touch with our earth and live only in their own head. This state of mind, living in your own head, can occur not only when we sleep, but at all times in our life. We can walk around in reality with perceiving it as fantasy in our own mind, to push aside the troubles of reality. For this reason, I would call it the walking coma. Living physically in one plane while living mentally in another. Usually a more suitable alternative to the physical world, while being still conscious.
Unfortunately, it can take a long time to awake from this coma, and even worse, when you do, you had no idea you were even dreaming.


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