A lighthouse

Is not what I claimed to be

A tower, built with shaped bricks

Flowing, melding ideals into place

That faithfully become tangible

But I will not change

I am no victim, seek no sypmathy

But every brick is structinized

Torn by nails of every shade

Every ghost that leaves it’s mark

To see my tower down

But I do not falter

I am illogical, they say

While others hold those darkened weights

I too should carry like in hand

But no strength comes into arm

The will is stronger, I lift myself

I am not you

And may not agree

But I am not my lover’s keeper

This tower was not built

To hold you up upright

Or to keep you held inside

I told you I am no lighthouse

And I may just collapse

But if you wish of me

Come not bearing blade

You may sleep inside


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