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Posted in Uncategorized on March 31, 2011 by captainbedsheet

Skin, folded sheets across the landscape

Mattress stained with future remorse

Arms drapped to see the floor

Perphaps the new found safety there

Eyes closed, minds sealed

Mouths open

Glass, glass, it liters here

Bags of plastic, manufactured nature’s whore

There is no safety here

Pressure pushing, but with no resistance

Causes bodies to be crushed within

If it’s only human

Our composition is simply weak

Daylight, dawn breaking softly

Into the crowded room

A reminder of the past, the present

Like the aftermath of a battlefield

Infested with limb

But more the silent sound of soul’s screaming

The problems have worked their way inside

Capillaries pump the insecurities up into

The brain that feeds a clouded eye

Scattered about, this frailty lies

I will not lay with you

There is no paradise here

If it’s only human

I’m a brand new specie

Because I’m not buying this shit



Posted in Uncategorized on March 25, 2011 by captainbedsheet

A lighthouse

Is not what I claimed to be

A tower, built with shaped bricks

Flowing, melding ideals into place

That faithfully become tangible

But I will not change

I am no victim, seek no sypmathy

But every brick is structinized

Torn by nails of every shade

Every ghost that leaves it’s mark

To see my tower down

But I do not falter

I am illogical, they say

While others hold those darkened weights

I too should carry like in hand

But no strength comes into arm

The will is stronger, I lift myself

I am not you

And may not agree

But I am not my lover’s keeper

This tower was not built

To hold you up upright

Or to keep you held inside

I told you I am no lighthouse

And I may just collapse

But if you wish of me

Come not bearing blade

You may sleep inside