Seeing Eye Dog

Satin curves, streamed with white flowing flesh

Wrapped about a scent of perfection

Fabric pressing, tightly bound

Foreshadowing gifts ungiven

Unspeakable, the tales of childhood ambition

Blossom into a reality, exploding real world fascination

The words are said that fall to the floor

Trip me, send me back to the down that lead me to a hateful spire

I hate them

Seen from you are the same words that remind me of this fateful fall

Produced by a wrath, fueled by some lens of sight the rest cannot see

The many scars the riddle the skin have worked their way deeper

Deeper down

And pierce your mirror

And you will know a refraction that whispers you a false sense of scenery

I am seeing a seeing eye dog

And I will lead you to the truth


One Response to “Seeing Eye Dog”

  1. who is it your leading. if it is what i think it is..

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