Awaiting demonology

Do not dare to tempt me

You are deep within my skin

You ache to see me slither out

Diluted frame of mentality

This scarred romance you wish to see

You are everywhere in mind

Capitalize on my own demise

You are trying to seduce me, free me

You cannot be what you once were

With me

Falling towards the floor

You know my words are righteous

Yearn to be rewound

In sound judgement, you can’t take

Without me

If you are one to join in heart

The blood need not be physical

And this I know, you’re fractured

And you wish to be joined in kind

Plead to return to saddened times

Wanting to be seen together

Cut apart

No matter your cries

Your tries

Your lies

To have me follow

I am in love, but I warn

Do not dare to tempt me

Even in weakness

I am strong

Do not dare

To tempt me


2 Responses to “Dignity”

  1. mm I’m sorry

  2. good poem, but i just mean to say im sorry about.. like u know

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