I see what your made of

Your plastic cannot hide the scars

That leave you beaten

That show the world

No matter what mask you put on

No matter how much make up covers your sickly skin

No matter what words you say

Or what shadow in which you hide

I will shine my light upon you

I will expose your pathetic naked body

To the wind that brushes your fake existence

Off into the forsaken night

And carries it away from here

It will be forgotten

Your skeleton left, arched in pain

The only remnant reeking from a living mannequin

Is not worth even showing

Not even worth the light

The time

My living flesh despises you

Your dead and drying forgery

And your weakening composition

That I so easily ripped apart, to find

The only thing underneath

Was a whisper

Of a forgotten wish

To be among the living

It will be forgotten


One Response to “Fabric”

  1. well. who is this about. mm.

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