Somewhere down there is a man

Inside a projected image being

That dominates the darkest depths

Of inner soul and inescapable thought

I have been a child, running scared

Of monster that lay under the bed

Waiting to end me if i close my eyes

But now I know

If I looked under the bed

There would only be reflection

That shown beneath my skin

And I would never sleep again

I will not let it out from there

My words that spill onto the formless page

Contain him in his desolate prison

Retain him in his primal form

But do not allow him to expose

It may be true that humans darkest fear

Is only what is to them unknown

Well I know if I let him out

He’d end me in a heartbeat

Excercise the greatest desire of human kind

Shatter what construct I’ve struggled to build

If one day

My words

Are not enough

To satisfy

He’ll break from me

I close my eyes

Accepting Armageddon


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