My Curse

Dispel this “reality”

This twisted imaged built around me

The itching, burning, invisible scab

I’m trapped inside my realization

This liberating cloud of thoughts

That lofts above me, weighs me down

Perhaps this epiphany

That set me free in mind and soul

Just leaves the cuff links heavier

The restraints all more unbearable

And maybe if I was blind

Like them

I could live out this preset dream

The manufactured american smile

And live in ecstasy, in this false reality

That you have built around me

I swear I’ll break it down

But seeing as my eyes are wide

And I have seen what you can’t face

I live in this flourescent cage

Slamming the doors of society

This fucking tomb you’ve buried me in

I swear I’ll break you down

And I know where true happiness is

You think you’ve made a postcard

Of my perfect little life

That you’ve planned so long ago

So I can fit into your walls

That support the word “happy”

Well I have broken from your grasp

Your plastic smile I’ve seen straight through

And if you bring those walls my way

I swear I’ll break them down

It’s beneath it all

I cannot reach

But perhaps this epiphany

This ceaseless scream I’ve sent through bars

Is just an echo of my curse


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