In the center of the storm I stand

My contents, willingly given

Eroded through years of frustration

Winds whip around me, shredding my clothes apart, working its way into the skin

Some phantom voice in the furious wind there whispers to me

“Alone again.”

I close my eyes. A shred cuts itself into me, bleeding out with no restriant

Pouring out into the storm, a crimson whip that lashes into the surrounding hate

I make no struggle to free myself

There is no point

My attempts to win have left me with more scars then memories

Fuck it

I’ve dont it all before. I’ve failed every time

This phantom is my master, my mind my own disaster

I abide by the will

Of the forsaken

I’ve lost my composure, my lack of stable constitution

Demonstrates itself on my own being

A reminder that when that when the chips are down

I don’t have what it takes

Sear me, deepening hatred

I’ve become accustomed to your burn

This pain I’ve known for far too long

This chaotic revelation that always ends the same

I’m familiar with it, phantom

I know you want me dead

I’m not running

But my eyes close in a confuzed haze, in wonder of the coming demon

The light, so great, so utterly blinding

Rips through the thin cords of air

That makes up my very own storm

I tilt my head back, waiting for whatever has come

To cut me next

But this burst of awesome array,

Has not come for that

It burns through my phantoms limbs

Trying to hold me back, he struggles

Not believing in this new masiah

His skin is shredded

The winds subside

I’m left with you

And now your radiance shines upon me

And now I can show you

What’s left of this body

Will fight for you

My lighthouse


2 Responses to “Lighthouse”

  1. beautiful imagery. and btw im jealous how u can write things with hope, you have hope it in. light. and thats hard to do successfully at least for me. its good really

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