Abjure, My Son

Father, father

Where are you now?

I’ve forgotten you

You didn’t leave me, I’ll give you that

It was I who ran from our swollen light

The light shone through my morning veil,

And from your pedastal you had fallen

I left you there

In pieces

You had tried your best to stay with me

Or perphaps, I tried my best

To keep you alive

In my head

But my mind could no longer tell my eyes

To keep shut

To love an illusion I have created

And when you fell, and shattered there

My eyes closed

But my mind was empty

And I walked away

I write to you now without regret

I haven’t come looking for




To mend broken ties

I simply came to look back

To wonder if maybe

That lone, shallow morning

If I had picked you up where you had fallen

And put your pieces back together

And made you whole again

Would I be happy, then?


2 Responses to “Abjure, My Son”

  1. I absolutely love this one jason, its real emotional. really idk.. you should submit it somewhere. but then again who wants someone elses watered down opinion of what you feel right. They dont matter. but i love it

    • Aw thanks baby 🙂 so much. Hmm i could submit it somewhere…but ya i’m not really looking for more then anything of my own approval and the approval of those i love (that’s where you come in 🙂
      Thank you!

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