Where Maggots Crawl

Far beneath the hollowed ground,

Below your fake society,

We slither in the roots we’ve found,

Break the soil to be free

Your city is held by a plastic smile,

Your safety nothing but passing illusion,

And we’ve been sleeping for too long a while,

Too long to ignore such a subtle sin

Shatter the chains that wrap and constrict,

With eyes that shine of savagry,

We tear your buildings brick by brick,

We bring the world to land and sea

For the kingdom of man the rise must fall,

And return to where the maggots crawl


2 Responses to “Where Maggots Crawl”

  1. I much like, the ending rhyme sums it up all nifty. What do the maggots represent? The “middle class” or “lower class”? The people no one really notices?

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