The Giving Tree

Through gnarled branch and twisted vine,

In clouded thick of mystery,

Somewhere where the air is sweet

Lies the royal Giving Tree

The branches stretch across the world,

Explode into void and into the skies,

With bark as soft as flowing fur,

They grow in binds, they are the ties

The leaves shelter given life,

From burning rays they are the shade,

Green veins seeping in the skin of man,

The pulsing breath we cannot fade

The trunk runs higher than the hopes of minds,

Stretching into the far unknown,

Stitched of lines of life and love,

From which each heart together is sewn

The roots dig through the rock and earth,

Holding will and natures call,

Unshaken, unbroken, impossible count,

The grip of our essence cannot fall

The twigs shoot from branch to soul,

Connecting spirit to living mind,

You cannot see it, but felt in bones,

The strands of the creator that gather and bind

The Tree was first upon this Earth,

A small seed first to see the sun,

Growing by will, watered by hope,

It became the light where there was none

Seed sprouted growth across the land,

Encompassed all within its might,

A tree then stood atop the world,

Its mass turned day into the night

With branches spread through every plane,

Provided shade and energy,

Viens pulsating, steaming birth,

The Tree bloomed and drop new seed

They burrowed int he fruitful ground,

Water flowing, dampened grass,

Soaking in the given home,

The offspring beings free at last

They sprouted into all we know,

Not controlled but binded still,

The Great Tree oversaw his seeds,

That made mountains grow and oceans fill

Their evolution came to growth,

Slowly formed were eyes and vein,

Emotion stirred and creatures crawled,

And so were formed the conscience brain

The Royal Tree continued to grow,

To grasp all children in its sight,

With each new life another branch,

Unbridled power, true found might

Now it stands atop us all,

Looming over Earth’s domain,

And although the living cannot see,

They feel it in the wind and rain

The maker of life and holder of fate,

In nature’s den of divinity,

Somewhere where the air is sweet,

Lies the royal Giving Tree


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