The Beautiful Dead

The blood that fell here long ago,

Stained the grassed covered the field,

The bodies laid to rot and show,

Were mutilated with sword and shield

The lifeless eyes of men long dead,

No legs for those who wished to run,

No lungs for words that wished to be said,

They fought to live and now bake in the sun

But soon rain starts to fall from the skies,

The red that stained now washes away,

New root and color soon begins its rise,

The fresh scent of soil explodes in array

The Earth breathes out, with scorn and with rue,

The Earth breathes in, and we start anew


2 Responses to “The Beautiful Dead”

  1. mmm theres that line! at the end! lovely. Just one thing, maybe just take out the and in the last sentence so it says “The Earth breathes in, we start anew”. I love that its great. 🙂

    • Mm thank you babe! Personally I prefer the “and” in there because it makes it the same number of syllables as the first line. Makes it flow nicely, I think. I’ll consider it though sweets.
      Thank you! 🙂

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